Seyhan Baraj Gölü’nde (Türkiye) Yaşayan Kababurun [Chondrostoma regium (Heckel, 1843)]’un Et Veriminin Belirlenmesi

Keywords: King Nase Fish, Chondrostoma regium, Flesh yield, Body ratios, Seyhan Dam Lake


In this study, relationship between various organs of the body and flesh yield of the King Nase Fish (Chondrostoma regium (Heckel,
1843)) species, catching about 159 fish in the Eastern Mediterranean Region in the Seyhan Dam Lake between April 2007 and March
2008, had been investigated. This fish is an economically important species at the area. In the study, the following of the results were
obtained; head weight/ total body weight 12.76%, interior organs weight/total body weight 5.08 %, fins weight/total body weight 2.08%
and flesh yield 79.40%. Flesh yield was determined as 78.57; 79.72; 79.90; 83.58 depending on the I-IV ages in C. regium population
respectively. Accordingly, the efficiency of meat was observed that with increasing age. At the same time, the population to increase in
order to the efficiency of meat, catching the largest fish in the age group III is recommended.