Gökkuşağı Alabalığında (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum, 1792) Süreli Açlığın Biyokimyasal Kompozisyonuna Etkisi

  • Birol BAKİ
  • Dilara KAYA
  • Recep ÖZTÜRK
Keywords: Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), starvation, biochemical composition, fatty acid composition


In the present study effects of periodic starvation on biochemical and fatty acid compositions of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) were investigated. Fish having average initial weight and length of 115,97±3,04 g and 22,43±0,26, respectively, were grouped into A (starved for 8 days) and K (fed two times a day).
VSI 9,94±0,10, 11,35±0,42; HSI 1,40±0,01, 1,31±0,04; CY 65,33±0,39, 68,66±1,69; CP 19,35±0,19, 19,64±0,19; CY 6,01±0,14,4,10±0,13; DM 72,59±0,42, 74,25±0,42 and CA were 1,44±0,04, 1,47±0,02 in group A and K, respectively. While fatty acid compositions in fish meat were ∑SFA 25,1 4±0,03, 24,29±0,01; ∑MUFA 24,0 1±0,01, 24,98±0,02; ∑PUFA 33, 40±0,08, 32,85±0,08 in group A and K,respectively, they were ∑SFA 32,5 9±0,04, 28,96±0,06; ∑MUFA 15,19±0,01, 16,43±0,05; ∑PUFA 46,10±0,03, 48,69±0,25 in liver in group A and K, respectively.While there were not any differences between A and K groups in terms of VSI, HSI, CY, CP, CY, DM and CA (p>0,05), significant differences were determined in ∑SFA in meat and ∑SFA, ∑MUFA and ∑PUFA in liver (p<0,05).As a result, no effects of short period starvation on biochemical composition of fish meat comparing to fed fish were found but determinated differences in fatty acid compositions of liver showed the deposition of these diferences as energy sources during starvation.