Fiziksel Ayırma Tekniği ile Elde Edilen Süt Yağından Üretilen Kaymakların Bazı Nitelikleri

  • Elif Ayşe ANLI
  • Asuman GÜRSEL
Keywords: Kaymak, chemical composition, microbial quality, sensory properties.


In this study, chemical, physical, microbiological and sensory properties of commercial Kaymak samples sold in Ankara were
investigated in 4 seasons of a year. For this purpose, samples were analyzed for total solids content, fat content, pH, titratable acidity,
peroxide value, acid degree value and consistency. Total mesophilic aerobic bacteria, coliform bacteria and yeast-mold counts of the samples
were also determined. Additionally, samples were evaluated according to their sensory properties. In most of the samples, fat and titratable
acidity were found to be consistent with the values present in codex and standard. Since no reference values were stated for peroxide value
and acid degree value in codex and standard, indicators of oxidative and lipolytic activity respectively, results could not had been compared.
Microbiological counts exhibited possible post-pasteurization contamination in the samples as a result of poor hygienic conditions in the
plants producing Kaymak samples. Sensory evaluations revealed flavor, texture and appearance defects in nearly all of the samples in at least
one season.