Yemleme Sıklığının Karadeniz Alabalığı (Salmo trutta labrax Pallas, 1811)’nın Sperm ve Yumurta Kalitesine Etkisinin Belirlenmesi

  • Halim İbrahim ERBAŞ
  • Nadir BAŞÇINAR
Keywords: Black Sea trout, Salmo trutta labrax, sperm and egg quality, feeding frequency.


The aim of this study was to determine the effects of feeding frequency on sperm and egg quality of Black Sea trout (Salmo trutta
labrax Pallas, 1811). The study was performed by using 190 fish with a mean weight of 364.43±121.29 g. The sampled fish was counted
and divided equally into two tanks. The tanks were named daily feeding frequencies of one (ff1) and two (ff2). Mean live weights of the
fish in trial groups reached 847.39±238.47 g and 942.86±339.73 g at the end of the trial in groups, ff1 and ff2, respectively (p<0.05).
At the end of the study period, milt volume (ml), forward motility (%), the duration of the motility (sec), concentration (x109 cell/ml),
sperm density (%) and pH values were 8.45±1.32 and 6.65±4.97, 76.67±18.53 and 87.36±9.63, 64.20±14.62 and 54.16±9.48, 21.40±7.08
and 23.40±5.51, 32.80±5.90 and 37.53±4.16, 7.17±0.16 and 6.94±0.09 for groups, ff1 and ff2, respectively. There were significant
differences (the duration of the motility, sperm density, pH values and forward motility) between the groups (p<0.05).
Eggs were collected from 26 fish for each group by abdominal massage. Egg diameter (mm), egg weight (mg) and insemination rate
(%) were 5.12±0.50 and 4.55±0.47, 81.95±13.02 and 76.48±10.24, 99.46±1.34 and 93.27±16.33 for groups, ff1 and ff2, respectively.
There were significant differences (egg diameter and weight) between the groups (p<0.05).