Farklı Sıralara Ekilen Mısır ve Soya Bitkisinde Ekim Oranlarının Bazı Bitkisel Özellikler ve Yem Verimine Etkileri

  • İlker ERDOĞDU
  • Suzan ALTINOK
  • Ayşe GENÇ
Keywords: corn, soybean, seeding rate, alternate rows, land equivalent ratio.


There is deficiency of high quality forage in Turkey and this deficit is cause serious difficulties animal feeding. This study was carried out to determine the plant characteristics and forage yields of corn and soybean using different seeding rates. The experiment designed according to randomised complete block design and replicated three times with seeding of corn and soybean plants in alternative rows in different seeding rates.Comparing the effects of seeding rate; the maximum plant height, number of comb, fresh yield, dry matter yield and crude protein yield parameters in corn used for forage purposes was obtained when 50 % corn + % 100 soybean were seeded in alternate rows. However, the effects of seeding rate in soybean; the maximum forage yield was recorded with 0 % corn + 100 % soybean (pure soybean) seeding rate,which was closely followed by 50 corn + % 100 soybean seeding rate. The highest total (corn + soybean) forage yields and land equivalent ratio were again obtained with 50 % corn + 100 % soybean seeding rate.It was concluded that quality forage could be produced by growing corn soybean in the above mentioned proportion under Central Anatolian conditions.