Organik Atıkların Geri Kazanımında Yeni Bir Bakış Açısı: Solucan Gübresi Üretimi

  • İbrahim TAVUÇ
  • Hasan ÖZÇELİK
Keywords: Vermicompost, Waste management, Organic fertilizer, Earthworm manure, Recycling


This study was conducted in Burdur Akme Group Earthworm Manure Production facility between 2013-2015 years. The aim of the
study has proved the economy evaluating sludge waste and urban waste and to produce organic earthworm manure from waste materials.
And demonstrate differences between conventionel compost and vermicompost. For this reason, mixtures was prepared rate 25:75, 50:50 and
75:25 from waste and cattle stront. A kilo from each mixture and produced earthworm manure were taken, analized and reported. The
samples was performed analysis and compared by the varyans analysis method. As a consequently, we detected important differences
between compost and vermicompost samples. The recycling of waste materials proved as helpful organic fertilizer.