Balıkesir Üniversitesi Botanik Bahçesi ve Florası

  • Fatih SATIL
  • Gülendam TÜMEN
  • Selami SELVİ
Keywords: Balıkesir, Biological diversity, Botanical garden, Flora


Botanical Garden, between Bigadiç district and Balıkesir is located in the Balikesir University Campus. The total size of the Botanical garden is 189.925 m2. According to Davis’ Grid system the area is in the B1 square. It is located in the Mediterranean floristic region. According to the study results, there are 55 families and 216 taxa in the garden. The most common 5 families and its taxa are as follows: Fabaceae (22 taxa),Asteraceae (17 taxa), Lamiaceae (17 taxa ), Brassicaceae (16 taxa) and Boraginaceae (10 taxa). Also, the most common species in silviculture area (70.200 m2) in the garden: Pinus pinea, Cedrus libani, Robinia pseudoacacia, Cupressus arizonica and C. sempevirens var. horizontalis.The most abundant shrubs in the area: Rubus fruticosus, Prunus spinosa and Rosa canina.