Galium mite, G. angustissimum ve G. galiopsis (Rubiaceae)’in Morfolojik ve Anatomik Özellikleri

  • Ruziye DAŞKIN
  • Gülşah BAĞÇIVAN
  • Elif KORKMAZ
Keywords: G. mite, G. angustissimum, G. galiopsis, Morphology, Anatomy


Galium mite, G. angustissimum and G. galiopsis (Sect. Orientigalium, Rubiaceae) close to each other. G. angustissimum, G. galiopsis are endemic and they allied to G. mite. G. angustissimum differs from G. mite by its narrower leaves, longer internods, extremely large, longbranched inflorescence and shorter pedicels. G. galiopsis is serpantin endemic and differs from G. mite by its shorter, canaliculate leaves, mono chasial ultimate branchings of the inflorescence and pale pink corollas. Anatomical characteristics of three species were investigated using stem and leaf transverse slides besides their morphological characteristics.