Gazipaşa (Antalya) İlçe Pazarında Satılan ve Halk Tarafından Kullanılan Bazı Bitkiler ve Kullanım Amaçları

  • Ahmet AKSOY
  • Jale ÇELİK
  • Hanife TUNAY
Keywords: ethnobotany, Gazipaşa, the bazaar research


Turkey has a very rich source in terms of folk remedies. Plants have been used as medicine, food, perfumery and cosmetics in different areas since ancient times. In this study, local name and intended use of some plants, which are sold Gazipaşa district bazaar and used for different purposes by folk, are stated. This study was performed in Gazipaşa district, during 2015-2016 years, and indicated that 51 plants taxa belongs to 28 families used by folk in the area. The large part of these plants belong to (%18) Lamiaceae, (%8) Apiaceae, (%6) Asteraceae, (%6) Brassicaceae, (%6) Rosaceae and (%56) other families. It was determinated that these plants are consumed as food, salad, pickle, spices, beverage and medicine. The plants are used as folk medicine for their carminative, analgesic, antipyretic, tonic, blood-forming properties and to treat urological and digestive system diseases, respiratory disorders, diabetes, hypertension and cancer.