Asartepe BarajGölü (Ankara) Esox lucius Linnaeus, 1758 Popülasyonunun Boy-Ağırlık İlişkisi ve Kondisyon Değeri

  • Mehmet YILMAZ
  • Ali GÜL
  • Ömer SAYLAR
  • Göktuğ GÜL
Keywords: Asartepe Dam Lake, Esox lucius, Length-Weight Relation, Condition Factor


This study is involved with the age, length and weight distribution, length - weigh relation and condition factor of Esox lucius population living in Asartepe Dam Lake located in Ankara province of Turkey. The study was carried out upon 151 samples caught in lake between JanuaryDecember 2016. The fish was caught using trammel nets with various mess sizes. The distribution of age and male/female ratio was found to be 0-V ages and 1.08 respectively. The length and the weight of the samples were found to be between 15.9-52.4 cm and 37-1389 g. The average condition factor was 0.85 (between 0.507-1.168). The length-weight functional equation and the correlation value were calculated to be W= 0.0052L3.1421 and R2=0.9871. The control of the populations of invasive species such as Pseudorasbora parva and Carassius gibelio at certain limits is found to be of great importance for the future and the maintenance of E. lucius population living in the lake.