Açlığın Beyin Korteksinin Farklı Bölgelerindeki Nötral Peptid Hidrolazların Aktifl iği Üzerine Etkisi

  • A. Temur
  • F. Askerov
  • H. B. Temur
  • H. Karadağ
Keywords: starvation, cortex, neutral peptide hydrolase.


The present study was designed to determine the activity of the neutral peptide hydrolase (NPH) in the Sensorimotor (SC), Limbic (LC) and Orbital (OC)
cortexes of the brain at some periods of starvation. Furthermore, histochemical investigation was also made in these cortexes. The study was performed in
eighty Wistar-Albino rats. The rats were subjected to starvation for the periods of 1, 3 and 5 days. The activity of the NPH was biochemically determined in
the sensorimotor, limbic and orbital cortexes. It was concluded that while the neurons of the brain cortex responded to the organism-related food motivation
impulses at the beginning of starvation, later on the neurons tried to adapt to the food lack for protein renovation.