Effects of Different Packaging on Quality of Organic Dried Apricot Fruit During Shelf Life

  • Fatih ŞEN
  • R. Efe OKŞAR
Keywords: Organic dried fruits, storage, package, storability, moisture content .


The study was conducted to determine the effects of different packaging on quality changes occurring in organic dried apricots
at shelf life conditions. Organic sun dried apricots (cv. Hacihaliloglu) was placed into the craft box, doypack, tray, quadro and
PE bags. Dried apricots were stored at 20°C and 50-65% relative humidity for 6 months. Packaging type affected the moisture
content of dried apricot fruits and resulted in increase or decrease of the water activity and water and total soluble solid contents.
Water content of dried apricots was the highest in doypack and the lowest in craft box after 2 and 4 months storage. After 4
months of storage, the water content of dried apricot fruits in doypack and craft box packages decreased by 4% and 18%,
respectively. During the shelf life, changes in the water activity of dried apricot fruits in doypack were limited, and the water
activity value decreased from 0.66 to 0.64. In general, effects of packaging on colour and other quality parameters analyzed
were limited. The results showed successful storage of organic dried apricots at shelf life conditions for 6 months. Based upon
the results, doypack packages are recommended for dried apricot storage. There might be some problems in dried apricots
stored in craft box packages related to some of the quality parameters.