First records of Males and Nymphs of Zercon cabylus Athias-Henriot, 1961 from Turkey

  • Raşit URHAN
  • Elif Hilal DURAN
  • Mehmet KARACA
Keywords: Acari, Inner Aegean Region, Systematic, Turkey, Zercon cabylus


In this study, to determine zerconid mites fauna of Inner Aegean Region, litters, rotted tree roots, moss pads and soil samples
were collected from different localities in between February 2014 – August 2016. Collected samples with mites were placed
into plastic bags, labelled and transferred to the laboratory. Samples were placed into combined Berlese funnels, and mites
were extracted for 5–7 days according to their humidity. Mites were separated under a stereo-microscope. They were placed
in 60% lactic acid for clearing and mounted onto permanent microscope slides using a glycerin medium. The examination and
drawing of mites were done using an Olympus CX41 microscope with DP25 camera. 48 ♀, 111 ♂, 15 DN ve 4 PN specimens
of Z. cabylus were identified. The shapes of the individuals which best reflect the distinguishing features of Z. cabylus
were drawn and measured. Then, the samples were put in stock bottles containing 70 % alcohol and 1- 3 drops glycine and
labelled. Males, deutonymphs and protonymphs specimens of Z. cabylus were recorded from Turkey for the first time with
this study.