Water Quality Assessment of Yazır Pond (Tekirdağ, Turkey): An Application of Water Quality Index

Keywords: Yazır Pond, Tekirdağ Province, Drinking water, Water Quality Index, Organic pollution


In this research, water quality of Yazır Pond was evaluated by using Weighted Arithmetic Water Quality Index (WAWQI). Samples were taken
from three selected stations on the artificial pond in summer season of 2019. Sixteen parameters including total dissolved solids (TDS), oxygen
saturation (OS), salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), turbidity, biological oxygen demand (BOD), nitrate (NO3), electrical conductivity (EC),
nitrate – nitrogenous (NO3-N), nitrite (NO2), nitrite – nitrogenous (NO2-N), phosphate (PO4), chemical oxygen demand (COD), phosphate
– phosphorus (PO4-P) and diphosphorus – penta oxide (P2O5) were measured in water samples. According to detected data, Yazır Pond has
II – III. Class water quality in terms of oxygen saturation, EC, nitrate and nitrate parameters in general and any investigated water quality
parameters have not exceeded the drinking water standards (except turbidity). According to the results of WAWQI, the values of overall
WAWQI were recorded within the permissible limits (<100). But Yazır Pond was found as “C grade” water quality characteristic and quality
rating scale values of turbidity were not within the permissible limits (>100) in all the investigated stations on the reservoir.