Kavaklı Göleti (Edirne-Meriç) Kerevitleri Astacus Leptodactylus (Eschscholtz, 1823)’un Bazı Morfolojik Özellikleri İle Büyüme Parametreleri

  • Utku Güner
Keywords: Length-weight relationship, crayfi sh, Kavaklı Lake, morphometric characters.


This study was carried out to determine traits of some growth and morphological characteristics and also the relationships between length-weight of the
freshwater crayfi sh, Astacus leptodactylus (Eschscholtz 1823) in Kavaklı Lake and the research was used 56 crayfi sh (16 female 40 male). In the research was
found as 78 percent male, 28 female of crayfi sh thought investigation female and male ratios was of determined as to 0.40/1.00. The study was performed
2001. Differences of sex groups were also investigated. Metric traits of crayfi sh totally length, abdomen length, abdomen width, chelae length, chelae width,
carapace weight, abdomen weight and carapace length / totally length, abdomen length / totally length, abdomen width / abdomen length, ratios were found
signifi cant between male and female statistically. Results of the research can be summarized as follows; avarage total length 107.314 mm for female 105.143
mm for male, average total weight 31.271 g for female 42.831 g for male. Length-weight relation equation was found for females y=0.73x-46.67 for males
y=1.19x-88.60. Accordingly to results of regression analysis was found r2=0.89 for female and 0.89 for male.