Madra Dağı (Balıkesir/İzmir) ve Çevresinde Etnobotanik Bir Çalışma

  • Fatih SATIL
  • Ekrem AKÇİÇEK
  • Selami SELVİ
Keywords: Balıkesir, Ethnobotany, Flora, Madra Mountain.


During the fl oristic researchs made in Madra Mountain and its vicinity (Balikesir/İzmir) between the years of 2005 and 2007, the ethnobotanical characteristics of the plants, determined, have been investigated. The plants from which the local people benefi t in the fi elds of food, medicine, feed,handicrafts as well as other fi elds and the traditional datas related to the use of these plants have been compiled.This study has been conducted in Madra Mountain, in 19 settlements around it and in 3 local markets set up around these places. An interview has been made with 45 people in the research fi eld within this period. 115 plant taxon, the use of which has been determined in the region and the local datas belonged to them have been gathered. Among the plants picked up, 52 of them are used as food, 46 of them as medicine, 19 of them as feed, 14 of them as handicrafts and 10 of them as ornamental plants. As for 12 plant types, they are picked up and sold for commercial aims in the region.