Thymus argaeus’ Boiss. & Balansa’un Organik Ekstrakt ve Uçucu Yağlarının Antimikrobiyal Aktivitesi

  • Cem Vural
  • Servet Özcan
  • Güler Toprak
  • Şeyda Erdoğan
Keywords: Thymus argaeus, essential oil, antimicrobial activity.


In the present work, endemic taxon Thymus argaeus was screened for its antimicrobial activity. Following the crude extraction from aerial parts of Thymus
argaeus with fi ve different organic solvents and the essential oils were tested for its antimicrobial activity. For the essential olis, 57 compounds were identifi ed
representing over the 98 % of the essential oil. The major constituents of the oil were determined as nerol (15.407%), linalool butanoate (12.151%), linalool
(10.535%), and cymene (8.332%). The exracts of Thymus argaeus exerted activity on bacterial strains and Candida albicans. Organic extract and essential
oils antimicrobial activity of Thymus argaeus was reported for the fi rst time. Essential oil’s disc diffusion and MIC values were determined for some selected
standard test strains.