Walnut (Junglans regia) Agriculture and Economy in Turkey


  • Fatma Turan Koyuncu
  • Onur Koyuncu

Anahtar Kelimeler:

Walnut, Agriculture, Economy, Turkey


In this study, were examined the production stages of walnuts in hard shelled fruits and the economic position of walnut in the world market has been determined. Due intense interest in recent years in Turkey to the walnut, increased the walnut tree and walnut production. Annual total production, export and import data were evaluated and their contributions to the national economy were revealed. The total number of walnut trees in Turkey is closer to 9 million. Turkey walnut production is around 190,000 tons annually according to TUIK data. Turkey walnut exports from the country that position in 1960, engaged in import of walnuts in the 2000s has become a country. When we consider that our walnut import amount is about 46000 tons, our country is more than walnut production amount of countries such as France, Spain and Greece, imports more walnuts. Walnut Turkey in the coming years is likely to be among the most important products for agriculture.



Nasıl Atıf Yapılır

Turan Koyuncu, F., & Koyuncu, O. (2019). Walnut (Junglans regia) Agriculture and Economy in Turkey. Biyoloji Bilimleri Araştırma Dergisi, 12(2), 22–24. Geliş tarihi gönderen https://bibad.gen.tr/index.php/bibad/article/view/355




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