Atık Yönetiminde Sıfır Atık Yaklaşımı ve Bu Anlayışa Küresel Bir Bakış


  • Kemal YAMAN
  • Emine OLHAN

Anahtar Kelimeler:

Zero waste, Solid wastes, Waste management


In this study, internet based sources have been browsed and the conditions in Turkey and the world concerning “zero waste”, a new approach
in the scope of solid waste management, has been comparatively introduced. In consequence of a research made on 24.09.2009 by use of the search
engine Google, it was ascertained that there were 4770 Turkish web pages containing the concept of “zero waste”. It was ascertained that any
information about “zero waste” was not seen neither in the web pages of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and TBMM (Grand National
Assembly of Turkey) nor YÖK (Turkish Council of Higher Education). Moreover, any domain address under the name of “zero waste” was not
seen. It was ascertained that the concept of “zero waste” was available in 650.000 pages in the English websites throughout the world. Totally 14
websites using the concept of “zero waste” as a domain name were detected. By this study, it is aimed to start the subject of “zero waste” as a social
movement in Turkey as well. Therefore, the domain address was registered and that website is desired to be used as a knowledge
sharing platform with intent to enable the idea of zero waste to pervade.



Nasıl Atıf Yapılır

YAMAN, K., & OLHAN, E. (2019). Atık Yönetiminde Sıfır Atık Yaklaşımı ve Bu Anlayışa Küresel Bir Bakış. Biyoloji Bilimleri Araştırma Dergisi, 3(1), 53–57. Geliş tarihi gönderen