Ankara Havasının Doğal Kirleticileri


  • Barış AŞCI
  • Talip ÇETER
  • Şenol ALAN
  • N. Münevver PINAR
  • Burhanettin YALÇINKAYA

Anahtar Kelimeler:

Ankara, Atmosphere, Airborne, Pollen, Spore, Algae, Mites, Hyphe, Insects, Part of plant


The air pollution is still an important issue even if no poisonous gasses are released by factories, heating activities or traffic. This pollution is caused by the nature itself. As the atmosphere of Ankara is investigated by physical and chemical analysis, several non-living small particles such as poisonous gases as CO and SO2, dust, soot and tar could be observed.Several biological particles have been collected with Burkard trap between 1994-2008 from Ankara atmosphere. These particles are known as airbone particles which are pollens, spores of fungi, moss and ferns, hyphe of fungi, algae, mites, several plant and insect parts.These pollutants are found as single parts, colonies or attached to some dust particles. These particles have a great importance because of both
causing air pollution and triggering some severe diseases in the respiratory system such as asthma.



Nasıl Atıf Yapılır

AŞCI, B., ÇETER, T., ALAN, Şenol, PINAR, N. M., & YALÇINKAYA, B. (2019). Ankara Havasının Doğal Kirleticileri. Biyoloji Bilimleri Araştırma Dergisi, 3(1), 19–25. Geliş tarihi gönderen